Free Sample Minutes of Management Committee Meeting

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting


The meeting of Management Committee of Al-Ikhwan group of Industries was held on July 14, 2010 at its head office, 70- Clifton Lahore, to discuss the following points of Agenda,


  1. Branches staff is de-moralize due to current adopted organizational strategies like Merger of branches, stopped tea expenses, reducing staff, un-effective health policy.
  2. Timely hiring of procurement manager for smooth operation.
  3. Adjustment of P.Fund of employee in the price of Vehicle (motor bike) to minimize the monthly installment.
  4. Improper use of vehicles (Monday, Tuesday, overlapping, sudden demands).
  5. Net working issues (email send/receive, computer held).
  6. Internal meeting Issues

Following were present:

  1. Youfas Ali                                                    C.E.O
  2. Rahat Gill                                                      Manager Accounts
  3. M.Siddique                                                   Manager Finance
  4. Tuqeer Zia                                                   Manager I.T
  5. Muhammad Tariq                                    Manager Admin
  6. Mehnaz                                                       Manager HR
  7. Sumeer Anjum                                         Manager Compliance
  8. Muhammad Akif                                       Manager Internal Audit
  9. Muhammad Naveen                               Assistant Manager Operations
  10. Naheed Akhtar                                             Messaq Coordinator

Meeting formally started at 03:00 P.M and minutes of previous meeting (held on June 15th, 2010) were read and approved.

Then proceedings of the meeting started according to the agenda points and settled as followings,

Agenda point #1

CEO explained that, no merger of the branches is going to be happen, actually to reduce the operational cost; we are in planning to shift one branch in the building of another branch but both branches will work/function independently.

Manager Compliance said that, field staff is feeling fear due to the recent terminations and bulk transfers.

CEO instructed A.M operations to arrange a meeting with branch managers after coordination with manager HR to remove such issues.

Agenda point #2

CEO said that, this agenda point is not feasible to discuss at this stage.

Agenda point #3

CEO said that, the suggestion to adjust the provident fund against the price of motor bike is not feasible and it will create financial burden on the employee.

Agenda point #4

CEO decided that, admin will provide vehicles to the field staff after his approval.

He further added that, all the concerned staff will provide their plans of field visits for whole week to him and after approval of plans, they will be entitled to get vehicle from admin department.

Agenda point #5

CEO asked the manager I.T about the issues and he said that, problems will be solved immediately.

Agenda point #6

CEO instructed to all participants to hold internal meetings accordingly, he also decided that, he will participate in internal meetings of HR and Admin departments.

He also decided that, Manager Compliance will attend the internal meeting of operation department every month.

Other then Agenda points

Manager I.T suggested that MIS policy should be introduced for secure and accurate data entry.

  • CEO instructed the Manager I.T that, I.T department will create the logins of concerned operational staff (deputed on data entry) and every staff member will use only his own login other wise strict disciplinary action will be taken.
  • CEO further added that Tanveer (Ops) and Adil (Ops) will perform data entry and I.T /Awais will perform postings.
  • CEO assigned the task to manager IT to introduced online file flow system in branches.
  • Manager Messac draw the attention to the poor performance/behavior of his staff, CEO advised that, you should submit a written report to HR in this regard.
  • CEO instructed manager compliance and A.M operations that, they should make it sure that, visitor book regarding purpose of field visit is being maintained in the branches.
  • He also instructed manger admin to provide small size notebooks to the head office staff to maintain their history of field visits.
  • Manager HR said that, leave submitting policy should be followed by employees.
  • CEO instructed to all managers that, they should follow the leave availing/submitting policy accordingly and no leave application will be entertained if it will submit after many days of availing leave.
  • He further added that, only sick leaves or causal leaves in case of serious problem with your immediate blood relations will be allowed in future.

General discussion points

At the end of above mentioned discussion, CEO asked to the participants, is there any point which needs to be discussed now? In reply managers raised few points and CEO replied, details are as under,

Query#1: Air conditioners are not working properly, staff is facing I.T issues and most of the employees have harsh attitude.

Reply from CEO: Electricity load is not proper so some time A/Cs are not working properly, how ever we are going to divide load on two meters so hopefully problem will be resolved.

Secondly, as there are a number of systems attached with network and we are using very economic net services that’s why we are facing issues but I.T department is doing their level best and hopefully in coming future the issues will be decreased/resolved.

Thirdly, he advised all the participants to show patience while dealing with other colleagues.

Query#2: Hiring /Terminations /Transfers issues

Reply from CEO: Hiring and transfers are being done through standard procedures, he told to the participants that turn over will be decreased by applying new policies/procedures however, he deputed manager I.T, Accounts and admin to make an I.Q test for candidates which they will do at the time of hiring to control the premature turn over .

Query#3: Inferiority complex/Chain of Command

Reply from CEO: We should not disgrace the subordinates but we must care the chain of command for proper discipline.

He added: Some managers have opinion that, management should always talk to them for their departmental issues in spite of direct attraction with their subordinates which management already doing but some time when manager is not present on seat, it could be happen.

He also cleared that, some time, I have to talk to the F.Os directly according to the need of operations.

Query#4: Lack of Resources

Reply from CEO: We have sufficient resources to perform all type of operational functions but as we are in a phase of cost cutting so unlimited resources are not available.

Query#5: Policy implementation

Reply from CEO: This is core responsibility of the managers to make sure the implementation of the organizational policies. He added that by achieving the targets according to the task sheet of management committee or others, you can play very important role for the implementation of the policies.

Query#6: Corruption issues

Reply from CEO: We have O tolerance against corruption now and no one will be spared in this regard.

Query#7: Strict Donors deadlines

Reply from CEO: We have to meet donor’s deadline at any cost, so should do    all efforts for the same instead of be panic/depressed.

Query#8: Personal Grudges

CEO asked the participants that “is there any personal grudges in our organization”? The reply was positive from all the managers. It was found that, there are no personal grudges in CWCD.

Query#9: Over Burden

CEO advised the participants to manage your tasks accordingly to reduce the   burden.

Manager accounts & Manager Audit suggested that “by adding hopes for better future in our minds, we can perform well.

CEO added that, you people should create co-operation between you and your colleagues for better working environment and reduce daily burden ratio.

Query#10: Understandability

CEO advised the participants that try to understand your colleagues and always try to create positive atmosphere.



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